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Quality of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Supplies, and getting these to the common people at affordable prices is not the only responsibility ASAMED NV carries. ASAMED NV is dedicated to help people, patients that cannot afford good Health Care at all by contributing to the community with donations, sponsoring, collecting funds, organizing activities etc. But also in other fields like education, sports, and so on ASAMED NV beliefs that pharmaceuticals or the right tools are not enough to achieve a healthy life. A clean, stable environment, housing, and balance are needed to achieve and sustain a healthy life. We believe it is our duty as company to provide not only the best products but also contributing in anyway possible to help others.




We always open to suggestions and ideas. ASAMED NV is always looking for companies, foundations, or volunteers that share our thoughts.
We believe that good Health Care is a right of everyone. Therefor if you have any suggestions, ideas or other please let us know.
All suggestions, ideas will be looked at by the board of directors.


If you want to know more about ASAMED NV contributions and or programs you can contact us by email or call us.