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We import, export and distribute to anywhere in the world.
All our Pharmaceuticals and Medical supplies are subject to high European and American standards, contact us if you want to know more about our standards.

When products suffice to ASAMED NV's high demands and rigorous standards. Only then will ASAMED NV, offer you these Pharmaceuticals and Medical supplies to ensure our clients that our products are of the very best quality.

We started ASAMED NV, because there is a growing shortage of good quality Pharmaceuticals and Medical supplies in third world countries. The main reason of this growing scarcity is that Pharmaceuticals and Medical supplies are simply too expensive for the common people to afford. Therefore pharmacies, wholesalers, etcetera buy cheap pharmaceuticals and medical supplies with risk of the pharmaceuticals being fake. But more importantly being inferior and damaging to the health of patients. Some don't even contain enough of the active ingredient(s) for a proper and satisfactory result.




Our primary goal is to get quality Pharmaceuticals and Medical supplies to third world countries at affordable prices. And expand our network in third world countries to join together in gaining access of good affordable Pharmaceuticals and Medical supplies for the common people. For we believe that good Health Care through quality Pharmaceuticals and Medical supplies is a right of every family, every man, every woman and every child.  For   ffffasdf;ljk  asdl;f  asdfaserqwersadfavcxzxvzxxzvcxvzcxcvz

 We deliver these affordable prices through our unique and strategic way of purchasing ". Buy Big! Sell SMALL!!!” By putting all our clients into one big basket, we can offer you low prices for high quality Pharmaceuticals and Medical supplies.
Because the market is constantly fluctuating, and shifting, our team has an enormous network to ensure that you will get only the best price.


Without making compromises in quality !!!

Our clients enjoy Low prices, Tailor Made Offers and Agreements, and an Excellent Service.

ASAMED NV ships worldwide, due to our extensive knowledge and experience in logistics you are sure that we ship with only the best shipping companies. To ensure our clients that their products will be delivered on time every time.

If you like to get more information about ASAMED NV, and or wish to inquire on products and pricing,

Please feel free to contact us.