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 Payment is subject to order quantity, amount and delivery.

You will be informed which payment method ASAMED NV will ask of you but only after knowing of your exact order.

We will ask of you which product(s) you need, quantity, which Incoterm and your delivery destination. So that we can suggest a payment condition that fits your needs. 

Most commonly orders are paid either by Irrevocable Letter of Credit (only with Western Banks) or TT (Partial) Payment.                                                         

If you are client and you have multiple orders with ASAMED NV over a period of time, we can reevaluate your payment condition(s) as regular client. But also look at other opportunities for your Company, Government, Foundation and or other. Think about marketingcampagnes to increase your revenue in your area of exploitation.


All orders are subject to our General Terms & Conditions.

You can find our terms and conditions under `Terms` and then click `Terms & Conditions" through our website above menu.

Or download our Terms & Conditions through the link found on the bottom of our website.


If you have any questions please e-mail us at sales@asamednv.com.