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ASAMED NV is continuously searching for pharmaceuticals and medical supplies in your country, and or worldwide that are expensive.
Too expensive for common people to afford. Being it because of scarcity, expensive patents or other reason. We research every possible way to get you these same products but at more affordable prices without compromising quality. Therefor we have rigorous standards that products have to suffice to.


These standards are proven through our testing policy.
We test all products to ensure you that you have the best quality. All products when needed will be tested by ASAMED on a continuos basis and you will receive this test rapport with every order.


How is ASAMED NV able to get you this quality at an ASAMED price?
Well it is very simple, next to our strategic purchase policy and rigorous quality standards. ASAMED is in it's design a company that is flexible. Able to adapt it's processes, policy and knowledge to achieve the set goal of ASAMED or the solution needed, to break the common thought that good Health Care is expensive.


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